How to tie a slackline sling with a water knot!

So I have found a very useful video from, thought I’d share. It simply shows how to make a slackline sling using 1″ tubular webbing. Enjoy.

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Webbing – what is it?

Webbing is simply different kind of fabrics sewn together in a way that makes it look like a web.
Webbing is used as a stronger and lighter replacement of rope.

The 2 most common ways to construct webbing is the flatline, which you see in seatbelts and military belts. Then there is a way where it consists of a flattened tube, which is commonly used in climbing and for industrial purposes.

Seatbelts are now made of polyester webbing, which stretches about half as much as the former fabric used, nylon. This makes a stronger and safer seatbelt. Webbing is also used in the safety nets you see in the racing car.

Slings made from webbing for climbing purposes

A sling is a piece of rope or fabric tied together in both ends so it creates a loop in each end. Like the picture a bit further down the post.

A webbing sling is a sling made from webbing used by climbers to attach themselves to anchors on the rock wall, ropes, trees, nuts, cams and rocks to make a safe climbing system.

There are 2 main fabrics used to make a webbing sling, the one is nylon and the other I Dyneema and Spectra. The difference between these fabrics used to make a webbing sling is the weight ratio they can handle. A Dyneema and Spectra sling can handle more weight than a nylon sling, the nylon sling on the other hand is more elastic. The higher elasticity makes them better if you fall than the more static Dyneema and Spectra slings. Continue reading